GLS2013 Session 2 – Joseph Grenny – Mastering the skill of influence


When it comes to influencing others most of us take a rather ad-hoc approach.  We tend not to give it much thought and rely on a small set of strategies that may have worked for us in the past.  In this session Joseph Grenny takes a more holistic look the topic and with a combination of good research, real-life examples and helpful theory shows us how we might effectively influence others.

Key insights

Influence is about working with both the motivation and the ability in terms of personal, social and structural categories.  When you do this the odds of success go up ten times.


  • Motivation
    • Personal – Help them love what they hate
    • Social – Provide encouragement
    • Structural – Change their economy
  • Ability
    • Personal – Help them do what they can’t
    • Social – Provide assistance
    • Structural – Change their space


Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change, Second Edition (Paperback)

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