GLS2013 Session 3 – Oscar Muriu – Viral leadership


In this session Oscar Muriu builds a case for developing the next generation of leaders.  Starting with the words of Jesus about the harvest being plentiful, but the workers being few, Oscar explains the necessity of identifying and mentoring younger leaders so that the thing you are investing in will out live you.

Key insights

Jesus probably had around 10,000 contact hours with his disciples, we don’t have that much time so we must never do ministry alone.


5 convictions

  1. Train more harvesters – Matthew 9:37-38
  2. Live for the Next Generation – Psalm 71:18
  3. Identify and pray for your seventy budding leaders – Numbers 11:10-17
  4. Instil the five loves in your budding leaders – Mark 12:30-33
  5. Never do ministry alone – Acts 4:13

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