GLS2013 Session 4 – Bob Goff – Love takes action


Through, stories, humour and high challenge, Bob Goff has one simple message for us in this session: love takes action.  Real love will result in something happening, it is not just a feeling or even kind words.  In particular the story of his involvement in two inter-connected lives in Uganda is deeply moving and reminds us that love in action in not always easy.

Key insights

Bob Goff reminds us that a stalker is someone who knows a lot about a person, but without actually having a real relationship with them.  “I realised that I was stalking Jesus and I was creeping both of us out.”


  • Do stuff
  • Let leadership develop
  • Land the plane
  • Be not afraid
  • The interrobang
  • Say yes
  • Forgiveness


Love Does

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