GLS2013 Session 3 – Henry Cloud – Reversing the death spiral of a leader


Henry Cloud’s biblical wisdom and psychological insight is always a great combination.  In this session Henry looks at how we as leaders can get our heads in a real mess and end up in what he calls a death spiral.  These occur when we find ourselves in situations that we feel we can’t control and when we make assumptions that are not true.  Henry helpfully shows us how this happens and then give us a tool to turn it around.

Key insights

The hardest thing for a leader to be in charge of us themselves

The number one factor in making it happen is believing it can happen


  • Ridiculously in charge
  • The downward spiral
  • The 3 Ps
    • Personal
    • Pervasive
    • Permanent
  • How to reverse the 3 Ps
    • Log and dispute them
    • Do something to get back in control – focus on what you can control
    • Connect
  • Find-a-way thinking


Boundaries for Leaders: Take Charge of Your Business, Your Team, and Your Life

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