Understanding the relationship between church and Kingdom

The reader of the New Testament cannot fail to notice, among other things, the importance placed on the church and the Kingdom.  However, we can be left wondering what is the relationship between the two.  If nothing else it can appear strange that Jesus is always talking about the Kingdom, and very rarely the church and yet the rest of the NT reverses that emphasis.

One option is to assume that Jesus was aiming for the Kingdom, but unfortunately ended up with the church instead.  Another thought could be that the church and the Kingdom are the same.  A final possibility is that the Kingdom is a reality only the in the future and so church happens in the meantime.  Unfortunately none of these is satisfactory.

In this message I explore the relationship between the church and the Kingdom, which can be summarised in the following way:

  1. Church as doorway to the Kingdom
  2. Church as witness to the Kingdom
  3. Church as instrument of the Kingdom


Here’s the book mentioned in the message:

Exploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction

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