6 tips for better meetings

For most of us, meetings are a reality of our role.  Either we are required to be in them, or a lot of the time, we are required to lead them.  Whatever we may think about them, they can be helpful and are necessary in an organisation.  However, they are only helpful when done right.  Here are six tips for leading better meetings from an article on Inc.com by Steve Tobak.

  • Have a proper structure
    • Every meeting needs a leader, appropriate documentation (start and end time, purpose etc.) and a way of doing something with the output
  • Have the right skills
    • Develop your competence in leading meetings e.g. how to find consensus and how to set ground rules
  • Have them in the afternoon
    • People work best in the morning and are more relaxed in the afternoon
  • Don’t have too many
    • People need to get on with their work at some point
  • Don’t have hallway meetings
    • They don’t usually involve the right people and can confuse others in the team
  • Challenge the status quo
    • Don’t be afraid to change the format and structure of meetings

For some other tips on how to handle meetings that are focused on specific actions, see this post.

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