How to persuade people – the ABCs

It has been said that if no-one is following you, then you are not a leader, you are just going for a walk.  However you define leadership, influence is a key part.  Put another way, you can have great ideas and a bullet-proof plan, but if you can’t persuade anyone else, then you are simply a lone activist and not a leader.  As a result the skill of persuasion is important.  Getting it right matters since a lack of persuasion results in no leadership, but going too far can result in manipulation.  How can we as leaders persuade people effectively, but do so in an ethical way?

Dan Pink, in an ‘RSA Short’, suggests that there are three key elements to persuasion:

  • Attunement – perspective taking
  • Buoyancy – remaining afloat on an ocean of rejection
  • Clarity – distilling the important information

Here is the full message:

For a different perspective on this topic, see this post describing Joseph Grenny’s influence strategy .

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