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I am a big fan of productivity tips and tricks.  I recognise that it isn’t a passion for everyone. Indeed, some would react strongly against the concept, concerned that there was more to life than trying to achieve more.  However, I feel really strongly about what I do (a Christian leader), believing that what I do matters and makes a difference.  Therefore, I want to accomplish the most that I can with my limited resources of time, energy and focus.  As an aside I actually find that productivity hacks enable me to have more time to relax and recharge my batteries!

Over on the ‘A Year of productivity Blog‘, Chris Bailey has written a great article summarising the results of his own experiments into productivity titled, ‘The top 10 lessons I learned from A Year of Productivity‘.  Here is a summary:

10. One of the best ways to become more productive is to work on your highest-leverage tasks
9. The three most effective ways to become more productive are also the most boring pieces of advice you’ve already received (eating, sleeping, exercising)
8. Always question blanket productivity advice
7. Forming good habits makes you more productive automatically
6. There are three ingredients you combine on a daily basis to be productive: time, energy, and attention
5. There is no one secret to becoming more productive, but there are hundreds of tactics you can use to get more done
4. Working too hard or too much shatters your productivity
3. The best way to feel motivated is to know why you want to get something done
2. Becoming more productive is pointless if you’re not kind to yourself in the process
1. Productivity isn’t about how much you produce, it’s about how much you accomplish

If you’ve got any great productivity tips, share them below.

(PS – I am aware that Chris is a Buddhist and some of his advice comes from that perspective, but I still think that much of what he says has value for Christians or those of no faith)


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