23 simple ways to improve your leadership – lessons from the US Army

Leaders want to get better, well most do.  Why is this the case?  Probably because they believe in what they do and know that how well they undertake their role will impact how well the job gets done.  However, there are so many books and complex theories that self-improvement can seem daunting.  In a list inspired by the US Army, Bill Murphy Jr lists 23 Things Great Leaders Always Do on Inc.com.  There is enough in the list that there will be something there for every leader, but the concepts are really simple and you can start implementing them today.  The original article has some great explanations, but here is the summary:

1. Identify objectives

2. Gather intelligence

3. Plan a course of action

4. Scrounge for resources

5. Step to the front

6. Encourage your team

7. Correct when wrong

8. Build esprit de corps

9. Mentor your people

10. Exercise body and mind

11. Communicate effectively

12. Sacrifice as necessary

13. Review and adapt

14. Admit mistakes

15. Check small things

16. Find reasons to praise

17. Take time away

18. Thank and appreciate

19. Exercise judgment

20. Show compassion

21. Recommit to the life

22.  Go to sleep content

23. Leap out of bed


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