Who are we called to be? A list for aspiring leaders

Although talk of getting things done is important in leadership, it isn’t all about what you are called to do.  While it does matter, an arguably more important question asks who are we called to be?  Once we answer this question a lot of the other questions fall into place.  It can also help us when we are navigating new leadership challenges and operating in uncertain situations where previous assumptions of what we are called to do are no longer valid.  The question of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ can be harder to answer and it is an area in which it can be harder to make changes.  It is therefore vital that all leaders give consideration to it as soon as possible, hopefully on their journey into leadership.

For Christian Leaders, the calling is surely to be like Jesus.  As simple as that sounds, it probably takes all of our life to work out.  However, on a more general level, Angela Maiers has written a list of nine things to be considered in a ‘to-be’ list for aspiring leaders.  More details can be found in the original post, but here is the summary:

  1. Be a learner
  2. Be teachable
  3. Be a questioner
  4. Be courageous
  5. Be kind
  6. Be patient and persistent
  7. Be passionate
  8. Be confident
  9. Be hopeful
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