How management can lead to remarkable results

Health care charity Possible has the following statement under the heading, ‘Why we exist’:

In everything we do, we believe in proving it’s possible to deliver high-quality, low-cost healthcare to the world’s poor.

Like many of us, what they do matters.  They cannot afford to give anything less than their best in pursuit of their vision.  For that reason they have taken time to consider carefully how they operate. In a document titled, ‘The Role of Management’ they outline both how management works in their organisation as well as some of the tools they use to get things done.  Here is my summary of the former, which I think is useful for any leader:

  1. Context, not control – managers pursue organisational clarity, not organisational control
  2. Turn friction into learning – managers catch problems early and encourage people to solve them before they explode
  3. Refactor – managers simplify and prune internal structures while still delivering the same or better results
  4. Accelerate mastery of workflow – managers help others become efficient in their work by trimming the time taken to deliver
  5. Model culture – managers inspire others by demonstrating what is expected in terms of behaviour

Here is the original document.


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