5 values for a 21st century church

All organisations have values, things that matter and are important in how they operate.  Sometimes these can be written down, but they aren’t always.  More than that, the values that are stated can often be different from the reality.  I believe it is critical for leaders to understand and be clear about the values in the places where they lead.  First, this probably means uncovering and being clear about the values that already exist.  Second, it means working out what values are needed for a healthy organisation.

Recently we have been pondering these questions in our church.  As a team we ended up going back to a message I preached upon returning from an overseas mission visit to Big Life in India.  We realised that the five values I had observed there were both already true to some extent, but that we needed to pursue them even more strongly.

The five values are:

  • Unashamed of the Gospel
  • Unencumbered in all things
  • Uncomplicated in our planning
  • Undaunted by opposition
  • Unleashed to be the people of God

Of course, we did not create or dream up these things, instead we have just seen them in others.  We believe that when we live with these values we will be unwavering in the pursuit of the calling God has given us.

If you want to hear more about these values then here are two messages unpacking them a little further:


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