GLS 2014 session notes and resources

Each year our church joins with the Willow Creek Association in hosting the Global Leadership Summit.  It is a fantastic leadership event, which starts in Chicago and ends up being taken to 650 cities around the world.  We find that the excellent speakers stimulate our thinking and both inspire and challenge us to lead at a higher level for the next year.  Here are some resources to help you get the best out of the GLS this year, or perhaps whet your appetite and convince you to come next year.


First up, if you haven’t come across the GLS before, here is a video introducing the 2014 Summit.


I find it really helpful to take my own notes during sessions, but I also like to see how others have summarised the material and see the bits that I didn’t write down fast enough.  The WCA Blog has an excellent page with links to notes for the all the sessions.  Don’t worry if the order is slightly different or if you don’t recognise some names, this is just a result of the Summit being customised for the UK.

2014 Session notes and Application


If you are still at the Summit then head to the Resource stand and buy some books since they are often discounted.  However, if the GLS is over and you want to buy some of the books mentioned, then use the links below.  (Full disclosure – if you buy after clicking on these links Amazon will give me a small cut of the sale price)



Finally, if you are having a post-GLS dip and want a reminder of some of the great speaks watch this highlight video.

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