9 leadership lessons from the US military

Though there is often a need for translation, looking at how others lead in very different situation can be really helpful for our own leadership.

UK Business Insider has a great article summarising the responses of former members of the US military when asked what they had learned about leadership that transferred¬†into a business context. ¬†Here’s the summary:

  • Confidence – remain calm, keep morale high
  • Dedication – be persistent and don’t quit
  • Ability to follow – good leaders are good followers
  • Ownership – taking responsibility for the task and role
  • Bias for action – avoid indecisiveness and becoming overwhelmed
  • Compassion – care for people, not just the task
  • Authority – not power, but taking responsibility
  • Consistency – be the same, always
  • Solitude – be able to handle the loneliness of leadership
  • Imperfection – recognise deficiencies and involve others

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