6 Ways to Stay Present This July 4th

Independence Day!

Over the next week in the United States, we’ll be celebrating July 4th and the birth of American Independence!

Unfortunately, despite having time with family and friends over the weekend and on the day of remembrance, many of us will struggle to fully connect with those around us. Work will worm its way into our time of 2nd and 3rd Gear connection. The logistics of holiday travel and party-planning will try to pull us out of the time that’s meant for reflection, recharge, relationship, and gratitude.

But this year, let’s fight for connectivity.

Fight To Be Present

Let’s fight for the joy that comes from maintaining healthy gears that balance work, recharge, and relational investment. Amidst the fun and craziness, in spite of the sun and stress, our hope for you is that, above all else, you will choose to be present with the people in your life this weekend. 

It’s no small thing that generations past and present have made the ultimate sacrifice in order to guarantee our freedom to live a life full of purpose, passion, and people.

So, let’s honor the gift of those who came before us by making the most of our time with family and friends this weekend. 

Here are 6 easy things you can do to experience better, deeper connection with those in your life this July 4th:

  1. Mindset. Shift your mind from your work to the connect (2nd), social (3rd), and recharge (1st) gears. Set time and location triggers that will remind you to close out your work email and shift gears.
  2. Conversation. Make it your goal to have a meaningful conversation/connection with at least one person that you care for in your life. That might be a spouse, your kids, or an old friend.
  3. Recharge. Remind yourself how you recharge best. Then choose at least one of those activities and go do it. Be sure to protect that time – let those who need to know that you’ll be setting aside space to recharge and that you won’t be available to them during that time.
  4. Socialize. Talk. Laugh. Connect. Relax. Allow connection with those you love to bring rejuvenation to your world. When you encounter these opportunities, go for it. Be all in. Be present. Leave your task-minded, project-focused mind elsewhere and just enjoy being with the people in your life.
  5. Encourage. Help other people shift their own gears. Remind them how important it is for them to prioritize their own needs for recharge and relationship.
  6. Just do it. Do one thing that you know will make you feel refreshed this weekend. Is it bringing back that old family rib recipe for an amazing BBQ on July 4th? Is it making the time to float the river with a cooler and your closest friends? Whatever that activity is for you: commit to it, schedule it, and do it.

Don’t let obligation to work or busyness keep you from investing time in yourself and those you care about this weekend. July 4th is a time for gratitude, reflection, celebration, and family. So let’s be intentional about staying present and connected. 

Happy July 4th! Thank you to all the men and women who so bravely fight for our freedom!

This was originally posted by GiANT Worldwide and I wanted to share it here as well. If you’re interested in learning more about how connectivity affects your relational and leadership capacity, I’m happy to schedule a meeting to discuss. Just click the contact button and let me know!

Source: GiANT

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