I was born, as they say, at a very young age, in Essex (and yes, I have heard whichever joke has just popped into your head). My family was not a Christian one and that suited me fine, since I believed that to have a faith was the equivalent of being stupid.

During my time studying engineering at Trinity College, Cambridge, I came to see that my views of Christianity were more than a little unreasonable and in September of 1996 I became a Christian.  Following university I secured a place on the Barclays Business Leadership Programme, where I worked for two years in project and branch management.

However, towards the end of my time at university onwards I became increasingly aware of the call of God on my life to become a minister.  Once this call had been duly tested I started three years of full-time study at Spurgeon’s College.

Having completed my training I received a call to lead Scunthorpe Baptist Church, where it was a privilege to serve for 11 years as the Lead Pastor.  Having accepted the call to be the Senior Pastor of Upton Vale Baptist Church, I moved to Torquay in Aug 2016.

Image028Since those early days of exploring God’s call many ideas and passions have come and gone. One thing however has remained and I consider it to be my personal mission statement: ‘To see local churches reach their potential before God’.  Quite simply, it bothers me when I see it not happening, and it excites me when I see a local church making a difference and being the best it can be.

In my spare time I love to be in the great outdoors. I also spend a bit of time burning around the streets on my road legal beach buggy, which is without a doubt the best toy I have every been given.   Of course, the engineer in me has never gone away so a lot of the time I can be found in the garage, tinkering, tweaking, fixing or making something.

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