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10 Office Design Tips to Foster Creativity

The environment in which we work matters.  We cannot expect that we, or those who work with us, will be inspired and enjoy our work if our offices are boring and badly designed.  There are lots of companies out there spending serious amounts of money on office design and build, something not available to those of […]

Why nothing happens after a brainstorm

A big barrier to people getting stuck into brainstorming sessions is their past experience of it being a waste of time.  It is not unusual for lots of ideas to be put up on flip charts and yet there be a complete absence of any useful outcome after the meeting.  It is worth considering why this might […]

Ten faces of innovation

One of the biggest hurdles to innovation is the temptation to work alone.  Somehow our idea of an innovator is that of an individual endlessly slaving away in isolation until the eureka moment comes.  While that approach may work for a very small minority of people, for most of us innovation happens best when we work in […]

Recent tweets

Here is a new type of post for this blog: a twitter summary.  This is not a list of all of my recent tweets, just those that are of particular value when considering innovation, leadership and Kingdom.       [blackbirdpie id=”243276675410952192″] [blackbirdpie id=”241510373449162752″] [blackbirdpie id=”241110267226906624″] [blackbirdpie id=”238655675805360128″] [blackbirdpie id=”245071670942003200″]  

Visual thinking

There is much to be said for visual communication.  Most of us are sold on the idea and prepare well for presentations using stock images and carefully created diagrams.  However, for many of us, being more visual in brainstorming sessions or other ‘live’ environments extends to writing lists on a flip chart.  If you are like me this is as a […]

8 dimensions of a good brainstorm

As I have said before, many consider brainstorming to be a fad or a waste of time, largely due to unsatisfactory results.  A big reason for this is poorly facilitated sessions which assume that a flip chart and some pens are all you need, with everything else taking care of itself.  Over at they have compiled […]

Nine Innovation Roles

This post complements a previous one on differing roles in brainstorming.  This time Braden Kelley has posted a great article at Innovation Excellence on the differing role people play in innovation.  Stating his view, which I have come to hold in recent years, that all people are creative, we just express that creativity differently, Kelley reveals nine roles which he believes […]

Playing the game differently

This post is in a similar vein to a previous one, Breaking the Rules.  The underlying idea is that to innovate and maximise potential it is often necessary to question the underlying assumptions.  In this case, rather than breaking the ‘rules’, the theory is that you consider playing the game differently, within the rules. The illustration comes […]

10 Personas of a Good Brainstorm Facilitator

About a month ago posted a great article on brainstorming. Quite rightly they recognised the importance of the facilitator in determining the success of a brainstorming session.  Really helpfully they identified the different personas that a great facilitator will need to master. Want to take your brainstorming session to the next level?  Have a look at this list and […]

Digging deep – asking why?

Although I cannot claim that my research on this matter is comprehensive, it does seem to me that all children go through a stage of asking the question, ‘why?’  For those around them this is a frustrating phase since the question is never just asked once.  Over time the child learns to stop asking the […]

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