Innovation in practice

New tool to make great design easy

For those of us with a message to communicate (which as a minimum is all leaders) there is a regular task of designing good graphics.  It could be for a Facebook or Twitter profile, or maybe for a product or event.  It might stay online or be destined to be put into print.  Whatever the purpose […]

Innovative new tool from YFC

A lot of innovation is about asking the right question.  If a question is too narrow then a lot of the time the solution will not be that innovative, rather it will be a slightly better version of what already exists.  For example, some years ago several companies were trying to innovate in the area […]

Big Life – Innovating church planting

Recently my wife and I visited Ben Francis In Kolkata. Ben heads up Big Life in Asia and is our new BMS World Mission partner.  We had the privilege of having a visit from Ben in May and wanted to visit him and see what he was doing. When I first heard about Big life, […]

Innovation in practice – online

On this blog I like to write about innovation theory and practice.  When it comes to material for the former, it seems to me that you don’t have to dig too deep.  However, to find genuine and exciting innovation happening in the Christian world, you have to search a little harder. One organisation that oozes innovation is  These […]

Exciting new initiative called Ethos UK

While I am sure that there are exceptions it seems to me that new problems require new solutions.  Hence the reason that I believe that innovation is so important.  On this blog I like to write about strategies and processes for innovation.  However, it is also good to showcase what it can look like in […]

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