8 tips to increase your creativity

The ability to be creative is one of those things that people often assume you either have or you don’t.  Certainly I believe that we might express our creativity differently;  I, for example, am no good at drawing.  However, I think we are all able to make new things and come up with innovative ideas. […]

Innovation in practice – online

On this blog I like to write about innovation theory and practice.  When it comes to material for the former, it seems to me that you don’t have to dig too deep.  However, to find genuine and exciting innovation happening in the Christian world, you have to search a little harder. One organisation that oozes innovation is  These […]

How to wreck creativity

Working out how we, and our teams, can be creative can seem really hard.  However, sometimes the answer is as simple as making sure that we don’t wreck it.  As leaders we are responsible for ‘calling fouls’ and therefore defining a culture, so we need to ensure that others are not wrecking creativity as well […]

A deeper look at social media with Cory Booker

There are many different ways of using social media, many of which are not hugely helpful.  Often when people come to things like Twitter or Facebook for the first time they are put off by artistically tinted pictures of people’s dinner or pointless updates on the uninteresting detail of someone’s life.  When faced with such content it […]

The Power of Outrospection: Empathy

It is tempting and easy at times to believe that everything is all about us.  More than that we can begin to believe that our happiness and fulfilment are our ultimate purpose.  In many ways the messages of our world confirm this with marketing slogans such as ‘You’re worth it’. However, eventually we come to the realisation that it all feels […]

Exciting new initiative called Ethos UK

While I am sure that there are exceptions it seems to me that new problems require new solutions.  Hence the reason that I believe that innovation is so important.  On this blog I like to write about strategies and processes for innovation.  However, it is also good to showcase what it can look like in […]

10 Office Design Tips to Foster Creativity

The environment in which we work matters.  We cannot expect that we, or those who work with us, will be inspired and enjoy our work if our offices are boring and badly designed.  There are lots of companies out there spending serious amounts of money on office design and build, something not available to those of […]

How great leaders inspire action

Here’s another great TED talk, this time from Simon Sinek.  In it he ponders how great leaders inspire action.  Looking at such leaders across different spheres of activity he comes up with the thesis that it is all about the ‘Golden Circle’. This circle is basically a summary of three key questions: why, how and what.  His […]

Recent tweets

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Why nothing happens after a brainstorm

A big barrier to people getting stuck into brainstorming sessions is their past experience of it being a waste of time.  It is not unusual for lots of ideas to be put up on flip charts and yet there be a complete absence of any useful outcome after the meeting.  It is worth considering why this might […]

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