The Scientific Case for Forgiveness | RELEVANT Magazine

Holding a grudge hurts us physically and psychologically. Source: The Scientific Case for Forgiveness | RELEVANT Magazine

5 values for a 21st century church

All organisations have values, things that matter and are important in how they operate.  Sometimes these can be written down, but they aren’t always.  More than that, the values that are stated can often be different from the reality.  I believe it is critical for leaders to understand and be clear about the values in […]

Why it is good to be weak in the Kingdom of God

In the past some have seen leadership as being about command and control. Increasingly, secular leadership thinkers are recognising that this can often be an unhelpful mode of operation.  More than that, people such as Brené Brown are even advocating being vulnerable. For Christian leaders this should be no surprise.  Jesus created and modelled a new […]

The key lessons I learnt from Big Life

In a previous post I talked about the incredible and innovative organisation that is Big Life Ministries.  They are doing fantastic things in church planting.  While I was in Kolkata I spent time thinking about the key lessons that I was picking up. In summary I believe that Ben Francis and his team are unwavering […]

Big Life – Innovating church planting

Recently my wife and I visited Ben Francis In Kolkata. Ben heads up Big Life in Asia and is our new BMS World Mission partner.  We had the privilege of having a visit from Ben in May and wanted to visit him and see what he was doing. When I first heard about Big life, […]

Understanding the relationship between church and Kingdom

The reader of the New Testament cannot fail to notice, among other things, the importance placed on the church and the Kingdom.  However, we can be left wondering what is the relationship between the two.  If nothing else it can appear strange that Jesus is always talking about the Kingdom, and very rarely the church […]

The importance knowing our place in the Kingdom of God: 2

In a previous post I introduced the idea that it is not enough to know that we are in The Kingdom of God, we also need to understand our status in the Kingdom, i.e. we are sons and daughters and not slaves.  Even this is not the full story.  The problem can be that we know it […]

The Power of Outrospection: Empathy

It is tempting and easy at times to believe that everything is all about us.  More than that we can begin to believe that our happiness and fulfilment are our ultimate purpose.  In many ways the messages of our world confirm this with marketing slogans such as ‘You’re worth it’. However, eventually we come to the realisation that it all feels […]

The importance knowing our place in the Kingdom of God

It is not enough just to know that you are in the Kingdom.  Certainly that is important and completely life-changing.  However, people often misunderstand their status in the Kingdom. Let me explain.  To be in a kingdom, means submitting to the rule and reign of the king, in this case God.  For Christians this means surrendering their […]

Do we suffer from too much choice?

Not long ago I was a confirmed PC man; Apple was the enemy and I would never consider buying any of their products.  Now I sit here typing on an iMac, with an iPad and an iPhone at my side.  So what happened?  Well, one factor is certainly the fact that I use a lot […]

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