When Kingdoms Collide

For those of us who are Christians we live in a reality that involves two kingdoms colliding.  God desire is for His will to be done here on earth, just as it is in heaven, but he has an enemy who is opposed to that invasion.  We find ourselves caught up in the middle and puzzled about […]

Strategy vs Tactics – What’s the difference?

It is not uncommon to find these two terms used interchangeably.  Of course, language in itself is not a problem, so long as everyone knows what is meant.  However, there is a difference and the tendency to fail to differentiate between the two can lead to problems in an organisation. Strategy might be described as a high level plan […]

Living ‘all in’

When it comes to living in the Kingdom, there is really only one way of operating and that is ‘all in’.  The phrase comes the game of poker where players choose how much to gamble.  At one extreme a player can place the minimum bet required to be a part of the game, holding back […]

Entering the Kingdom means letting the King be King

One of the biggest struggles we face as people wanting to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God is letting God reign in our lives.  Though I haven’t done any scientific research on the subject, it does seem to me that this is one of the biggest hurdles people face in living the life that […]

King before Kingdom

Some time ago a speaker I heard at a conference opened my eyes to the concept and language of the Kingdom of God.  It is perhaps surprising that I had not heard more on this before, given the prominence that it has in the bible and especially in the four gospels, but that is the […]

Don’t give up – Perseverance and the Kingdom

Anyone who has ever done anything will at some point have felt like quitting.  Of course, not all quitting is bad.  It may be that stopping doing whatever we were doing was the right thing to do.  However, a lot of the time we want to give up because of discouragement and problems, even when […]

Kingdom guidelines for battle

As I have mentioned in a previous post, the bible makes it clear that we are in a spiritual battle.  We need, therefore, to understand how we are to be involved in that battle.  If we simply take what we know of battle in the natural, we could find ourselves in trouble.  Very often the […]

There’s a war on

The Lord’s prayer reminds us that there is a clash of kingdoms taking place.  We are told to pray for the Kingdom of Heaven to come on earth and for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Of course, by implication something is opposing that, and the rest of the […]

The Kingdom – Buy it quick

In the bible we read a lot of words from Jesus about the Kingdom, some of which may leave us puzzled.  However, it is often not as complicated as we might at first think, especially when we remember that a really simple definition of  ‘kingdom’ is the place where the king has dominion.  In Matthew 13:44-46, we […]

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