The Key to Every Leadership Journey

The Key to Every Leadership Journey The most important part of any leadership journey is the ongoing, never-ending process of self-awareness. For all the many books, articles, and experts who talk about it, self-awareness can be boiled down to two simple commitments. A commitment to understand how you’re wired, the tendencies that result from such […]

Are You Stuck in 4th Gear? Diagnosing Task Addiction

There’s an old saying I’m sure you’ve heard: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  It’s safe to say all-work Jack is rarely accused of being the “fun” friend or the adventurous, life-of-the-party friend. If he’s not working on a deadline, he’s preparing for the next one as well as the next […]

Greatest Pitfalls for Sensors and Intuitives

In the first post of our new series on Sensor (S) vs. Intuitive (N) Jungian personality preferences, we laid the groundwork for understanding sensors and intuitives, while also highlighting the core of what makes them tick. At the heart of every sensor is a yearning to understand the concrete facts and details of reality as […]

25 Reasons Perseverance Works

Unfortunately, the nature of human existence and the fact that we live in an imperfect world means that we all experience hardship. We are all threatened by the variety of challenges we face every day – the pain of loss, the unfairness we endure, and the blows we take to our confidence. We all know […]

Why Relational Intelligence Gives You a Competitive Advantage

“Most of us focus on how much we know, but the ability to connect and be present in the midst of tasks is what sets leaders apart.” – Fast Company article featuring GiANT Worldwide’s 5 Gears book   The Rise of the Relational Economy In an age where information is free and global connectivity puts the brilliance of far flung […]

Influence: The Importance of Making an Impact

Influence.  Some people think influence is reserved only for the extremely rich or powerful – the types of people who run governments or large organizations or become the face of a national cause. But the truth is, each and every person wields significant influence in their lives, from family and teams to organizations and community. […]

Accidental vs. Intentional Leadership

The Leader We Should Strive to Become  This post is a follow up to a previous article titled “One Quality Every Great Leader Shares.” In it we discussed what it means to become a “leader worth following.” We call such leaders “Liberating Leaders,” and defined their unique qualifications as being someone who knows when to […]

4 Questions to Understand How Your People Learn and Grow

Healthy team growth begins with knowledge, self-awareness, camaraderie, and shared values.  Once you begin to truly know your teammates – what drives their lifestyle and priorities, what affects them inside and outside the office, what they value – you will start to feel a natural interest in the things that help them grow as leaders […]

How do You Process Information?

Sensing and Intuition If you’re just joining us, we recently concluded a six-part series on how to determine the first of your four Jungian Type personality preferences. The series took a deep dive into the true meaning of Extraversion (E) vs. Introversion (I), discussing what it means for the way you recharge and communicate, as […]

What are You Trying to Prove?

Have you ever run into an old acquaintance and felt the need to prove yourself?  Maybe the last time you saw each other was in high school and they’ve moved on to some high-flying career. Or maybe you’re experiencing a rut in your own work and just feel the need to impress someone.  The Urge […]

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