51 Rules for Leadership Excellence | (Axioms)

Achieve the rank of a genuine leader when you live and lead by the rules on this no fail list. Source: 51 Rules for Leadership Excellence |

Axiom: Focus on the right things

In any situation in life we are faced with the reality of limited resources.  We do not have unlimited amounts of time, energy or money. This leaves us with the need to make choices since we can’t do everything. When it comes to deciding how will we spend our time or money there are lots […]

Axiom: Don’t confuse direction with destination

Early on in my time as a pastor I faced a very tricky pastoral decision.  I won’t go into the details here, but it was far from a straight-forward answer.  I spent a lot of time considering what do and took wise counsel from those in leadership both within our church and also our union of churches. […]

Leadership Lessons from Jean-Luc Picard

In what seems to be a growing into a series, Forbes has another article looking at the leadership lessons from Star Trek.  The specific challenges facing a Commander of the Star Ship Enterprise are probably a little different than those we face.  Nonetheless there are some things we can learn. This time, Jean-Luc Picard is […]

8 Secrets of success

In an excellent TED talk Richard St John outline what he believes are the right secrets to success.  In all likelihood there is nothing that will be a complete surprise.  However, there are really good reminders.  It’s also a pretty interesting lesson in short presentations, even if his language might not make a Sunday sermon! There are all kinds of […]

5 Leadership Lessons from James T Kirk

If my last Axioms post, 13 Leadership Principles from Colin Powell, seemed a little removed from your leadership reality, this one is not going to get any better!  In a post over at, Alex Knapp suggests five lessons that we can learn from the former commanding office of the USS Enterprise, James T Kirk. Here’s the […]

13 Leadership Principles from Colin Powell – Axioms

A few years ago I saw an inspiring interview with Colin Powell.  It made me realise that there is a lot to be learned from leaders in spheres of life a little removed from my own.  As a result I read a great book in which the author summarises Powell’s insights into leadership, thereby forming what we […]

Axiom – Get your priorities right

Like it or not , we live in a busy world.  My guess is that most of us have joked about needing more hours in the day or even days in the week.  The simple reason for this is that we are struggling to get everything done because there is not enough time. Unless I have missed […]

Axiom: Have a vision that scares you

If your vision doesn’t scare you, then there is a good chance that your vision and your view of God are too small.   There is a real danger in aiming too low.  We might have the buzz of knowing that we reached the goal, but surely we will be left pondering what could have […]

Axiom – Keep it simple

Often referred to by the acronym KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, this is a really important axiom.  As organisations grow and develop, the tendency to add layers of complexity appears to increase.  Perhaps this is a result of gains in resources such as time or money, which in turn enables something other than the ‘basic’ approach. […]

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