Axiom – You’ve got to deliver

Although the process of innovation and idea generation can seem hard, it can often be the easy bit.  Once we get into it, dreaming and imagining are not that tricky.  Ideas abound and the possibilities become endless.  However, none of it matters unless something gets done. This axiom was inspired by popular blogger and marketing expert, Seth […]

Axiom – Sometimes you’ve got to lose the pigs

Often in leadership we want to see something new come into being or a problem get solved, without there being a cost.  If that is possible, then great.  However, a lot of the time there is a cost, and if we are not willing to pay it, then we will stay where we are. In […]

Axiom – Bias towards action

Sometimes I come across lovely, Godly, people who seem to have an ability to take energy and enthusiasm and have nothing come of it whatsoever.  In the most part it is not a deliberate stalling or disobedience.  However, it is often both of those things, albeit not consciously.  Here are some statements that you might recognise, along with some […]

Axiom – Don’t count your critics, weigh them

Any leader knows that sometimes you get criticised.  In fact, it is probably a lot more often than sometimes!  Criticism can be a really useful tool, or it can be a painful barb.  They key is learning to discern which comments to take on board and which to reject. It could be easy to assume criticism […]

Axiom – God makes leaders in slow cookers, not microwaves

This axiom is similar to the previous one in that it is a reminder to us not to be so obsessed with time. Generally in life I like shortcuts and learning from other people’s mistakes, mainly because it gets me somewhere quicker.  However, when it comes to being developed as a leader, it seems that […]

Axiom – Follow your compass, not your clock

This is an axiom that I need to repeat to myself regularly! I want to see things happen and happen now, yet so often God and life do not conform to my timetables.  As leaders it is more important that we are heading in the right direction, rather than moving at the speed we think […]


In life and especially in leadership we are always learning.  Things don’t turn out the way we expected or even just go wrong and we reflect on the actions we took beforehand.  As we accumulate such experience we can begin to develop mini rules or proverbs that can help us in the future.  People have different names for […]

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