Change Management

Updated empathy map – understanding what people are thinking and feeling

Over the life time of this blog, one post has received far more hits (by some margin) than any other – Empathy Maps Time and time again those who find this website from a search engine have been searching for more information on empathy maps.  In case you haven’t come across this term before, XPLANE, the designers, […]

The 4 R’s of Executing Change |

To enjoy lasting, meaningful change in your company, career, or community, embrace the 4 R’s of change. Source: The 4 R’s of Executing Change | Reinforcements  Rituals Rewards Refinements

An alternative to SMART goals for teams

The idea of SMART goals has been around for some time and can be helpful when setting targets. Over at they have taken things a bit further and suggested a new mnemonic for setting goals.  Goals should be CLEAR: Collaborative (Goals should encourage employees to work together collaboratively and in teams) Limited (Goals should be […]

What makes a great leader in the 21st century?

In a recent TED talk, Roselinde Torres attempts to distill 25 years of working with many different leaders in order to answer the question, ‘What makes a great leader in the 21st century?’  While it would be possible to come up with many lists of beneficial attributes and behaviours, the focus here is on leaders […]

How to change a culture in an organisation

When looking at why organisations are in a mess, or if not in a mess, not as healthy as they could be, a common problem is culture.  So much flows from it and no matter what other solutions are put in place, culture will continue to determine the future.  For example, new structures, new mission […]

How to wreck creativity

Working out how we, and our teams, can be creative can seem really hard.  However, sometimes the answer is as simple as making sure that we don’t wreck it.  As leaders we are responsible for ‘calling fouls’ and therefore defining a culture, so we need to ensure that others are not wrecking creativity as well […]

Project Management Matters

Sooner or later every leader finds themselves managing a project.  Something has to be done and you have the responsibility for making it happen.  There is a whole industry out there providing training, qualifications and books on how to manage projects.  One blog post is unlikely to do the topic justice, but it should get you thinking about the techniques and […]

Why people resist change

Everyone has their own definition of leadership and their own view of what a leader should do.  However, it seems unlikely to me that any leader can last very long before they find themselves leading change.  At that point the theory that they have known becomes reality: people do not like change.  Of course, this […]

Danger of viewing change too narrowly

This afternoon I have had the privilege of a tour of the new Invenio Academy (formerly Foxhills Technology College) with Executive Head Teacher Steve Gallaher.  The building is a thoroughly impressive facility, but what stands out is the vision for how it is to be used by students for learning.  I am not the right person to reflect on […]

Communicating change by painting a picture

When it comes to a successful change process, perhaps the most important thing after getting the change itself right, is getting the communication right.  If people do not understand what is actually going to happen or why it is occurring at all, then even the most cunning of plans can quickly fall apart.  Of course, one way to communicate change […]

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