The 10 Commandments of Communication to Build Trust

Source: The 10 Commandments of Communication to Build Trust

How to persuade people – the ABCs

It has been said that if no-one is following you, then you are not a leader, you are just going for a walk.  However you define leadership, influence is a key part.  Put another way, you can have great ideas and a bullet-proof plan, but if you can’t persuade anyone else, then you are simply […]

New tool to make great design easy

For those of us with a message to communicate (which as a minimum is all leaders) there is a regular task of designing good graphics.  It could be for a Facebook or Twitter profile, or maybe for a product or event.  It might stay online or be destined to be put into print.  Whatever the purpose […]

Designing presentations that rock

In one way or another leaders are required to be presenters; somehow we need to get information across to others.  Most people recognise that communication can be far more effective if there is a visual element involved.  Even if this is not our preferred learning style, it will be for many of our ‘listeners’.  Of course, any […]

A deeper look at social media with Cory Booker

There are many different ways of using social media, many of which are not hugely helpful.  Often when people come to things like Twitter or Facebook for the first time they are put off by artistically tinted pictures of people’s dinner or pointless updates on the uninteresting detail of someone’s life.  When faced with such content it […]

Making meetings work

There are many different kinds of meetings, not all of which are specifically focused on getting things done.  For example we may meet with someone else to catch up with them or to pray with them.  Such meetings do not warrant a written agenda or someone to chair proceedings.  However, many of the meetings we […]

Why people resist change

Everyone has their own definition of leadership and their own view of what a leader should do.  However, it seems unlikely to me that any leader can last very long before they find themselves leading change.  At that point the theory that they have known becomes reality: people do not like change.  Of course, this […]

Visual thinking

There is much to be said for visual communication.  Most of us are sold on the idea and prepare well for presentations using stock images and carefully created diagrams.  However, for many of us, being more visual in brainstorming sessions or other ‘live’ environments extends to writing lists on a flip chart.  If you are like me this is as a […]

Ideas that are made to stick

We are probably aware that when it comes to communicating concepts some attempts are successful and others are not.  Yet, have we stopped to think why.  Chip and Dan Heath in their book, Made to Stick, asked the question, ‘Why do some ideas survive and others die?’  Rather than just guessing they studied lots of […]

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