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T vs. F: “Feeling the Love” at Work

Ever wonder why some people just never seem to feel appreciated, despite all your efforts to show them your thoughts to the contrary? Or maybe you yourself keep questioning why your boss continues to throw meaningless “incentives” at you, when what you really want doesn’t seem all that much to ask for, but continues to […]

Why Your Leadership Journey Matters

What makes you who you are today?  What is it about your internal makeup and wiring, the collection of your experiences and mentors, that have brought you to this point in life? Acknowledging Your Journey We all have things in our past that have hammered and shaped us into the person we are in this […]

Applying 5 Voices: Disconnections in Leadership

As a leader, one of the most difficult truths you’ll have to face will be the fact that it’s hard to understand what it’s like to be on the other side of you and your leadership tendencies. That’s natural, of course, because we’re all only human. However, for those leaders who don’t take the time […]

Transforming Team Communication Case Study: Pain Points (Part 2)

A Difficult Task Transforming team communication is a difficult task. Just look around your office and think about how many different thought processes, leadership approaches, and communication styles are represented. Most days, fostering seamless communication between so many different people while working hard to raise up good leaders feels more like herding cats than it […]

6 Ways to Stay Present This July 4th

Independence Day! Over the next week in the United States, we’ll be celebrating July 4th and the birth of American Independence! Unfortunately, despite having time with family and friends over the weekend and on the day of remembrance, many of us will struggle to fully connect with those around us. Work will worm its way […]

3 Ways Leaders Undermine Their Work

Which internal tendencies are inhibiting your life right now? What insecurities or self-imposed sabotage are keeping you from being the healthiest, best version of you? Inhibition: 2 Sides of the Same Coin If you think about it, self-control and self-sabotage are two sides of the same coin we call “inhibition.” A healthy degree of “inhibition” […]

T vs. F: Handling Critique

In our first post about the Thinker vs. Feeler personality preference set, we introduced the fundamental differences in the way Thinkers and Feelers make decisions. Therefore, while all people display elements of the Thinker and Feeler tendencies, the dichotomy breaks down along the lines of the criteria that ultimately determine decisions. For Thinkers, they may […]

Applying 5 Voices: Rules of Engagement (Part II)

The 5 Voices comprise a powerful system for understanding the unique perspectives, skills, and contributions that we as individuals bring to a team. Learning to appreciate the way we think and work helps us bring our best at work and at home. However, if we fail to incorporate that knowledge into an appreciation of other […]

T vs. F: Understanding “Thinkers” & “Feelers”

Making Decisions: “T vs. F.” For those who have been following our Jungian Type Best Fit series, we are now half-way through the four personality preference sets!  Today we’ll begin the third set, looking at what the “Thinker” (T) vs. “Feeler” (F) preferences actually mean, as well as how we can begin to gain an […]

Why Communication Matters: A Case Study (Part 1)

Communication. One of those “soft science” buzzwords. You can hear it now, can’t you? The impassioned HR director energetically extolling the cure-all virtues of “open dialogue,” “honest communication,” and “high performing teams” who learn how to “understand” their teammates and “bring out the best” in every “unique voice.” Teams Who Communicate Well: Wishful Thinking?  To […]

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