GLS 2015 – Six Themes You Can Expect

Source: GLS 2015 – Six Themes You Can Expect  

GLS 2014 session notes and resources

Each year our church joins with the Willow Creek Association in hosting the Global Leadership Summit.  It is a fantastic leadership event, which starts in Chicago and ends up being taken to 650 cities around the world.  We find that the excellent speakers stimulate our thinking and both inspire and challenge us to lead at […]

How to process an intense conference

At SBC we have just hosted Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit (see the session posts here).  As ever, it was an intense time of learning and challenge.  However, as with any conference, the danger can be that despite our best intentions and passion at the time, we end up not really doing very much with […]

GLS2013 Session 8 – Andy Stanley – Not in vain

Summary From time to time every leader gets discouraged and wonders whether it has all been in vain.  In this stirring final session Andy Stanley reminds us that from improbable and precarious beginnings, Jesus has built his church just as he promised. Key insights The central teaching of the church is not ‘we believe something […]

GLS2013 Session 7 – Colin Powell – It worked for me

Summary Colin Powell is without doubt an amazing leader having served at the highest levels in a number of different roles.  In this short address he highlights the simple truth that leadership is also about followers and that great leaders focus on taking care of their followers.  Every time I hear Colin speak I am […]

GLS2013 Session 7 – Patrick Lencioni – How to lose your best people

Summary When it comes to attracting and retaining the best people, we can often feel disadvantaged in the church world because we cannot pay what others are willing to offer.  However, Patrick Lencioni points out that money is actually only a satisfier (people just want enough) and that other things drive people.  By phrasing things […]

GLS2013 Session 6 – Chris Brown – Right title, wrong kingdom

Summary Through an engaging retelling of the story of Saul and David, Chris Brown challenges all of us as leaders about our attitude towards our roles.  Saul forgets to whom the Kingdom really belongs when David’s achievement begin to overshadow his own and begins to attack him.  Saul had room in his company for David, […]

GLS2013 Session 5 – Brené Brown – Daring greatly

Summary In this session Brené Brown highlights the three irreducible needs of human beings and then takes us through each one in more detail.  Her assertion is that without opportunities to be loved, to belong and to be brave there is always suffering.  While this may sound a little distant from the world of a […]

GLS2013 Session 4 – Bob Goff – Love takes action

Summary Through, stories, humour and high challenge, Bob Goff has one simple message for us in this session: love takes action.  Real love will result in something happening, it is not just a feeling or even kind words.  In particular the story of his involvement in two inter-connected lives in Uganda is deeply moving and […]

GLS2013 – Session 4 – Liz Wiseman – The multiplier effect

Summary In this session Liz Wiseman challenges us to be leaders who multiply.  This is not about creating clones or building an empire, but about releasing others to be the best that they can be and allowing them to do their best work. Key insights Be a leader who is willing to ask the questions […]

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