GLS2013 Session 3 – Henry Cloud – Reversing the death spiral of a leader

Summary Henry Cloud’s biblical wisdom and psychological insight is always a great combination.  In this session Henry looks at how we as leaders can get our heads in a real mess and end up in what he calls a death spiral.  These occur when we find ourselves in situations that we feel we can’t control […]

GLS2013 Session 3 – Oscar Muriu – Viral leadership

Summary In this session Oscar Muriu builds a case for developing the next generation of leaders.  Starting with the words of Jesus about the harvest being plentiful, but the workers being few, Oscar explains the necessity of identifying and mentoring younger leaders so that the thing you are investing in will out live you. Key […]

GLS2013 Session 2 – Joseph Grenny – Mastering the skill of influence

Summary When it comes to influencing others most of us take a rather ad-hoc approach.  We tend not to give it much thought and rely on a small set of strategies that may have worked for us in the past.  In this session Joseph Grenny takes a more holistic look the topic and with a […]

GLS2013 Session 1 – Bill Hybels – The courage that leadership requires

Summary One of the most overlooked realities of leadership is that it is tough.  On one level we all know it, yet I come across lots of leaders who seem surprised when the call to leadership takes them into difficult terrain.  In this great opening session Bill Hybels reminds us of the need to be […]

Why the Global Leadership Summit 2013 matters

Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit is coming to the UK in October and November.  We will hosting it on 8 and 9 November.  Each year it is a fantastic event with inspirational and challenging speakers.  We make it a priority and I believe you should too.  Here’s why: Retreat All leaders need to get off […]

Global Leadership Summit Speaker Announcement

A new video has been released introducing some of the speakers for this year’s GLS.  There are also some great testimonies of how previous summits have changed people’s lives. It may be a few months off, but I am looking forward to it already.

GLS2012 – 8 – Bill Hybels – Closing Session

There is something about the way in which Bill Hybels speaks about the church that just fires me up and I need that from time to time. In the nitty gritty of leading a local a church passion can become lost. Bill not only paints a compelling picture of what ‘it’ should be like, he […]

GLS2012 – 7 – Patrick Lencioni – The Advantage: Organisational health

Patrick Lencioni has spoken at the GLS before, stepping to fill a session at short notice last year. Although he works in the secular world of management and leadership he is a committed Christian and he brings a deep understanding of both worlds to his messages. Helpfully, Patrick cut through a lot of ‘stuff’ that […]

GLS2012 – 6 – Pranitha Timothy – Courage to Act

Following on from Carly Fiorina, Pranitha Timothy reminds us again that leadership is often not easy. Pranitha also brought into perspective the challenges that I face! For me the challenge in this session was to remember that when we give ourselves to God, everything changes. It something that most of us know, but somehow we […]

GLS2012 – 6 – Carly Fiorina – Tough Choices

Another speaker who leaves us in no doubt that she has ‘been there and got the t-shirt’! Carly Fiorina’s story illustrates very well the reality that leadership can be tough and involves some really tough choices. Leaders can sometimes moan about the toughness and wish it away. While understandable, it does ignore the fact that […]

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