Productivity tips and tricks

An alternative to SMART goals for teams

The idea of SMART goals has been around for some time and can be helpful when setting targets. Over at they have taken things a bit further and suggested a new mnemonic for setting goals.  Goals should be CLEAR: Collaborative (Goals should encourage employees to work together collaboratively and in teams) Limited (Goals should be […]

5 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People

I love productivity tips and infographics, so I really like this!  Here are five productivity tips from incredibly busy people.  I confess that I find the last one the most challenging. From Visual.y and OpenForum via

3 types of task for a balanced and productive day

We all have long task lists and plenty of things to fill our time.  In other places I have talked about strategies for managing tasks and staying productive.  However, the question still remains how you choose what to do on any given day. In order to get some balance, Jay Shirley suggests planning a daily […]

6 things productive people do

It can be tempting when we look at highly productive people to think that there is something almost magic about them and their ability to get things done.  Believing that there is something in their DNA that has made them this way, we therefore assume that we are simply different and write-off any chance of […]

How to manage tasks from lots of different meetings

When I was a Branch Manager for a High Street bank, there was an important rule that the cashiers and personal bankers all followed.  Wherever possible they would complete all the actions arising from a contact with a customer while the customer was still with them.  Of course, the temptation would be to note down […]

10 ways to accomplish more

I am a big fan of productivity tips and tricks.  I recognise that it isn’t a passion for everyone. Indeed, some would react strongly against the concept, concerned that there was more to life than trying to achieve more.  However, I feel really strongly about what I do (a Christian leader), believing that what I […]

How to live in the present moment when life is busy

A number of times recently people have asked me about how I manage my time and my tasks, so I thought I would do a post on it.  The key tension for me in life is between a desire to get a lot of things done, making a big difference and the desire to be […]

How to cope with information overload

Every day we are bombarded with information.  Not long ago people could communicate with us in a limited number of ways; face-to-face, telephone or letter.  Now email, Twitter, Facebook, text messages etc. have made communication much easier.  However, the result of that is a much greater flow of information in our direction.  When you add […]

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