Strategy and Vision

5 Ways to Discover Your Own Meaning of Life |

Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life. — Tom Thiss Source: 5 Ways to Discover Your Own Meaning of Life |

4 key tasks for any senior leader

Each of us is made differently and will bring varying gifts and skills to bear in our leadership role.  That said, there are some key topics that any senior leader must recognise as their responsibility and ensure that everyone is clear on them.  That is not to say the leader defines them in isolation or […]

5 values for a 21st century church

All organisations have values, things that matter and are important in how they operate.  Sometimes these can be written down, but they aren’t always.  More than that, the values that are stated can often be different from the reality.  I believe it is critical for leaders to understand and be clear about the values in […]

How to get an organisation from A to B

Having a vision is vital for an organisation to know where it is heading and in order to have the passion to get there.  I have written about the importance of vision before and why it matters more than strategy.  However, without a healthy organisational culture the vision is unlikely to be fulfilled. In a […]

Axiom: don’t let the pain of unfulfilled vision make it preferable to let the vision die

When we first receive some form of calling or vision for the future it is really exciting.  God places in our heart a longing and a passion to see the preferred future come into being.  The ‘holy discontentment, to borrow Bill Hybels phrase, and the deep belief in the solution, become that which moves us […]

Strategy vs Tactics – What’s the difference?

It is not uncommon to find these two terms used interchangeably.  Of course, language in itself is not a problem, so long as everyone knows what is meant.  However, there is a difference and the tendency to fail to differentiate between the two can lead to problems in an organisation. Strategy might be described as a high level plan […]

How great leaders inspire action

Here’s another great TED talk, this time from Simon Sinek.  In it he ponders how great leaders inspire action.  Looking at such leaders across different spheres of activity he comes up with the thesis that it is all about the ‘Golden Circle’. This circle is basically a summary of three key questions: why, how and what.  His […]

Why people resist change

Everyone has their own definition of leadership and their own view of what a leader should do.  However, it seems unlikely to me that any leader can last very long before they find themselves leading change.  At that point the theory that they have known becomes reality: people do not like change.  Of course, this […]

How the mighty fall

Jim Collins is an author and speaker I greatly admire.  In tackling some of the trickiest question regarding organisations and leadership he does not simply come up with his own pet ideas, but instead researches and trawls through huge amounts of data looking for patterns and answers.  In his book, How the mighty fall, he explores what happens to […]

SWOT Analysis – 2

In a previous post we considered the basics of a SWOT analysis and why it might have fallen out of favour in some circles. In this post we will look at another problem in the way it is used, namely a failure to know what to do with the results.  Nothing puts a group of […]

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