Strategy and Vision

SWOT Analysis – 1

SWOT analysis is perhaps one of the most well known tools for analysing any given situation.  Unfortunately its ubiquity has led to a number of downfalls. First there is the apparent confusion between strengths and opportunities and between weaknesses and threats.  As a result, a lot of SWOT analysis actually turns into the creation of two simple lists, ‘good’ […]

Why vision is more important than strategy

Not only is it important to realise that there is a difference between the two – vision is about the ‘what’ and strategy is about the ‘how’.  We must also recognise that there is an order and a priority when it comes to vision and strategy.  In a great article, from someone who knows what he […]

Why we need vision

In a previous post I outlined a vision framework, but it is worth taking a backwards step in order to think about why we need vision at all.  While some would be surprised at the need to justify having a vision, others would argue that it is unnecessary. In his book, Growing Leaders, James Lawrence […]

Wave Analysis – Aligning our activity with God’s

What is a wave? For the purpose of this model a wave something that God is doing.  Rick Warren, in Purpose-Driven Church, points out that we are at our most effective when we find out what God is doing and get involved.  The analogy that he uses is that of surfing.  A surfer knows very […]

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