How to get more done with less effort – my current productivity tools and apps

I really love working with peak efficiency and so I am always on the look out for great online tools that help me get work done.  I haven’t done a post on this for a while, so here’s what I am using a lot at the moment. Trello – https://trello.com/ This is an online tool (with […]

Updated empathy map – understanding what people are thinking and feeling

Over the life time of this blog, one post has received far more hits (by some margin) than any other – Empathy Maps Time and time again those who find this website from a search engine have been searching for more information on empathy maps.  In case you haven’t come across this term before, XPLANE, the designers, […]

Getting Along: Leadership Insights for Thinkers and Feelers

The Power of Insight A few years ago, we worked with a woman who leads a department of a few hundred people at a Fortune 500 company. She was a no-nonsense go-getter who just knew how to deliver results. The only problem was her key relationships. When we asked her to plot herself on our […]

3 Goals for a Healthier Organization

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” ~ Jim Rohn Just as Rome was not built in a day, neither will the organization or team you lead reach its ideal culture overnight. Progress and change take time, but re-orienting your goals, adjusting your aim – that only takes a […]

6 Questions for Greater Organizational Clarity

Clarity is Key For many business leaders, strategic planning presents a constant challenge, especially when it comes to clarifying and communicating personnel roles and future vision to the rest of the company. But effective strategy always begins with clarity at the top and ends with effective communication throughout the organization. So before you rush through […]

It’s Time…To Make the Difficult Decision

It’s time.  Time to make the difficult decision that you don’t want to make, but know you need to: Time to replace someone that should have been let go months before. Time to place a boundary on a difficult relationship. Time to change jobs though it will be painful. Time to be honest and challenge […]

The One Thing Good Leaders Must Do To Become Great

If you want to become a good leader, or better yet – a great leader – then there is one thing that must happen. This one thing is not fun, nor is it inspiring, and rarely is it ever written about. But this one thing is crucial: GREAT leaders must die to themselves. Dying is […]

24 Easy Ways to Empower Everyone Around You

Here are simple habits that will help create a culture of empowerment. Source: 24 Easy Ways to Empower Everyone Around You

How to attract and retain great people – DREAMS

Attracting and retaining great people is not easy at the best of times, let alone when the pay is not great or even non-existent.  Here are some great pointers from Goffee and Jones, via Mindtools: Difference – Attract and encourage differences Radical honesty – Be radically honest Extra value – Add extra value to people’s […]

12 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Get Organized | Inc.com

Successful people don’t have more hours in the day, but they do have more time–because they know how to organize their lives. Simple but effective list, that we can all adapt for our own lives (e.g. I like to add bible study into my morning routine). Source: 12 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Get Organized | […]

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