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Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 8

Steven Furtick Now that what I call saving the best until last!  What a finish to the Summit.  Not only were his words challenging, the reality of his story as a church leader is also inspiring.  And all from a guy who is only 31.  If nothing else it is a much needed reminder that age […]

Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 7

John Dickson As is often the case in life, we have heard the message before.  Equally often, however, we need to hear it again.  John’s thoughts and study are not likely to have told us much we hadn’t heard before, but most, if not all, of us as leaders can be tempted down the wrong […]

Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 6

Cory Booker Cory was elected mayor of Newark, New Jersey, in this thirties and in this session shared some of the tough lessons that he had to learn along the way.  So far he appears to have been very effective in bringing turn around to Newark, seeing crime reduce dramatically and the amount of affordable […]

Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 5

Tough Callings This session was a bit of a departure from the normal as far as the GLS goes and  Bill Hybels shared that he felt is was a bit of a risk.  Whether or not it was that large a risk I am unsure, but I am sure that it was a real blessing. […]

Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 4

Erwin McManus Erwin is the leader of a community of faith in Los Angeles called, Mosaic.  One of things that characterises his ministry is the releasing and encouraging of creativity; he combines being a pastor with being an author, entrepreneur and film-maker. In this session Erwin encouraged us to see that our the ability to be creative is given […]

Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 3

Seth Godin Seth is a man with a lot of ideas and he reaches millions of people around the world. This session was perhaps one of the higher-paced of this year’s GLS, and maybe even of all time.  In it, we were urged to enter into the new world reality, where people are increasingly doing […]

Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 2

Dr Henry Cloud This was a really helpful session for anyone who is involved with people, which is all leaders.  Henry Cloud talks about how we need to respond differently to people in three categories: wise, foolish and evil.  Perhaps the key message of this session was that too often we treat foolish people as if they […]

Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Session 1

Bill Hybels Whenever you get ready to listen to Bill Hybels you are expecting to be challenged and inspired.  In the first session of the Global Leadership Summit this year he hasn’t disappointed us!  His stated aim was to challenge us  and ask us five critical questions regarding our ministries and lives.  Here are the […]

Global Leadership Summit 2011 – Final Preparations

In just a few days Scunthorpe Baptist Church will be hosting the Global Leadership Summit for the first time.  We are really excited about this opportunity and intend to make the most of it. For many of us this week has been cleared of all but the most essential tasks and we are focusing on […]

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