Visual thinking

There is much to be said for visual communication.  Most of us are sold on the idea and prepare well for presentations using stock images and carefully created diagrams.  However, for many of us, being more visual in brainstorming sessions or other ‘live’ environments extends to writing lists on a flip chart.  If you are like me this is as a result of a deep seated belief that you cannot draw.  In my case this is not an inaccurate assessment!

However, I have been challenged by a book I read (see the end of this post).  In it the author suggests that life-like masterpieces are not required.  Instead, basic schematic type diagrams, with easy to understand pictures are used to convey a message powerfully.

In the spirit of practising what I preach I have even drawn the featured image for this post!  For those interested I used an iPad app called Paper.

There is also a great post over at Brainzooming on the subject of visual thinking with links to more resources.

Here is the book:

The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures

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