How great leaders inspire action

Here’s another great TED talk, this time from Simon Sinek.  In it he ponders how great leaders inspire action.  Looking at such leaders across different spheres of activity he comes up with the thesis that it is all about the ‘Golden Circle’. This circle is basically a summary of three key questions: why, how and what.  His […]

Recent tweets

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SWOT Analysis – 2

In a previous post we considered the basics of a SWOT analysis and why it might have fallen out of favour in some circles. In this post we will look at another problem in the way it is used, namely a failure to know what to do with the results.  Nothing puts a group of […]

SWOT Analysis – 1

SWOT analysis is perhaps one of the most well known tools for analysing any given situation.  Unfortunately its ubiquity has led to a number of downfalls. First there is the apparent confusion between strengths and opportunities and between weaknesses and threats.  As a result, a lot of SWOT analysis actually turns into the creation of two simple lists, ‘good’ […]

Playing the game differently

This post is in a similar vein to a previous one, Breaking the Rules.  The underlying idea is that to innovate and maximise potential it is often necessary to question the underlying assumptions.  In this case, rather than breaking the ‘rules’, the theory is that you consider playing the game differently, within the rules. The illustration comes […]

Danger of viewing change too narrowly

This afternoon I have had the privilege of a tour of the new Invenio Academy (formerly Foxhills Technology College) with Executive Head Teacher Steve Gallaher.  The building is a thoroughly impressive facility, but what stands out is the vision for how it is to be used by students for learning.  I am not the right person to reflect on […]

Choosing what to do – finding activities that are integrated

Deciding what to do is not always as straight forward as it might seem.  Of course, if there is a clear command from God directing us towards a specific activity then it is a little easier.  However, how do we decide what to do when there are a number of options open to us, none […]

Wave Analysis – Aligning our activity with God’s

What is a wave? For the purpose of this model a wave something that God is doing.  Rick Warren, in Purpose-Driven Church, points out that we are at our most effective when we find out what God is doing and get involved.  The analogy that he uses is that of surfing.  A surfer knows very […]

Innovating Management – Gary Hamel

In this great video, Gary Hamel, a great thinker in the realm of strategy and management (and a former GLS speaker) shares his thoughts on what innovation in management might look like.  Gary challenges us to completely re-think the way we do management, drawing inspiration from the web, not just in terms of the tools it […]

Giving your best – Comparative Advantage Circle

Choosing what we should do can be harder than we first think.  Of course, deciding which things are good and bad is relatively straight forward.  However, we are still left with far too many possibilities for action, all of which are good.  Naturally, if God tells us clearly what we are to do, then it should not be to […]

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